Why are my candles beginning to turn yellow?

If the candles are in a spot that receives direct sunlight or in prolonged contact with florescent lighting yellowing of the candles can occur. This yellowing will not change or degrade the scent of the candle.

I received my candles and the jar is broken/cracked. What do I do?

Although every order is packaged with care, accidents can happen during shipping. Send an email to jason@jkcandlecompany.com with pictures of the damage and I will make sure that you are sent a replacement asap.

Why is my candle forming a hole through the center?

A hole or "tunneling" as it is typically referred to can happen for a few reasons.  The most common reason is short burn times. When a candle is lit it is important burn it long enough to form a melt pool to the edges of the jar/glass.  This will typically occur within 2-4 hours.  It is also important to not burn the candle for more than 4 hours as this can lead to carbon build up. Another cause for tunneling is moving air, this can come in many forms, open windows, air vents etc.

Should I really trim my wick before each burn?

Absolutely, keeping your wick trimmed from anywhere between 1/8-1/4 inch is important for many reasons.  First, it will increase the life of your candle. Secondly, it is safer. A long wick can cause a flame that gets too tall and too hot. Thirdly, it will make your candles smell better. A big flame will burn off the fragrance instead of letting you smell it.