The Key to Happiness That’s Right Under Your Nose

The Key to Happiness That’s Right Under Your Nose  

Smelling someone wearing your mother’s favorite perfume may urge you to pick up the phone and tell her you love her; just like the smell of freshly baked bread may make you involuntary ask “Mmmmm..who’s baking bread?”.  

Scents rule our world and our emotions. They have the power to trigger thoughts, feelings, and memories. Humans having the ability to identify more than 10,000 different scents. Each scent you smell is an opportunity to improve your mood, uplift your spirit, and even make you more productive 

To simplify the road to happiness, we’ve listed key scents that have been proven to encourage positive emotions, productivity, and increase overall serenity.  

 1. Citrus  

Citrus scents are the ultimate “pick me up”. Lemon scents have been shown to boost energy, reduce stress, and leave a lasting positive impression on others! This is the reason your favorite cleaning products are scented with a bright, clean lemon scent. They leave your home feeling fresh and uplift your mood!  

Try a Lemongrass Candle and fill your home with lemony goodness.  

2. Lavender  

Commonly used to aid in relaxation, Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, increase work productivity through mental clarity, and enhance the quality of one’s sleep! Lavender is the calming scent many rarely understand the full benefits of their restorative powers.  

Try a Eucalyptus Lavender Candle to cultivate inner peacefulness.  

3. Vanilla  

Known for it’s rich, decadent scent, Vanilla can have sedative effects. This warm scent can reduce hyperactivity, restlessness, and create the perfect environment for falling asleep. In some cases, vanilla has been proven to reduce anxiety and minimize the side effects of depression due to its calming effects on the brain.  

Try a Vanilla Candle to make your home a relaxing oasis

4. Cinnamon  

This powerful scent has proven positive benefits for the brain. When inhaled, cinnamon enhances the activity of the brain which decreases fatigue, boosts memory and enhances performance while completing tasks.  

Try a Cinnamon Candle for mental clarity.  

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