Lets Get Creative: Up-Cycle Your Candle Jars and Save Money!

You’ve survived the holiday madness, Congratulations! Holiday cheer has settled, and you’ve made an oath to commit to your New Year Resolution. Did your favourite person gift you a candle? Did you promise to save more money this year? Maybe you vowed to recycle and create less waste? 


Whether it's an old candle jar, containers, or an itch to be creative, we've got you covered! 


Here are 8 alternative ways to use empty candle jars at home, in the office or on the go.


Table Top Candy Jar

Whether it’s work or home, everyone loves a sweet treat! Clean out your candle jars thoroughly and refill them with your favourite candies (M&M’s anyone?). If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can fill multiple jars, add special designs using glass decals and create a candy bar! This is ideal for gatherings and parties.

To assure food remains safe for consumption, only reuse candle jars that were poured with 100% soy wax. 


 Candle Jar Vanity

For your inner beauty guru fill your empty jar with glass beads. Then, insert your makeup brushes, mascaras and eyeliners. The beads will prevent lighter items from falling while adding a visual element to your vanity.


vanity makeup brush holder


 Small Plant Repotting

Do you have a green thumb? Herbs are cheap to purchase and great for beginner gardeners! Add soil or repot your newly purchased herbal plant. Place it on the windowsill, water it and watch it grow. No one will have a clue it’s sitting in a candle jar and you’ll never run out of fresh basil for grandma’s special lasagna recipe.



Soap Dispenser

What makes a house, a home is often the things we create ourselves. Creating DIY Soap dispenser is a rare way to add a one-of-a-kind item to your home. This can be an exciting activity for children and adults alike! Create a theme for your bathroom and go all the way with it!

soap dispenser


Cocktail Glasses

Warmer weather always calls for a refreshing drink. Instead of risking the damage of your favourite cocktail glasses, repurpose your candle jars and serve up a beautiful cocktail! No one will know the difference!

cocktail candle jar


 Floating Tealight Candle

For those less creatively inclined, we have a simple solution for you! Purchase floatable tea candles, fill up your old candle jar half-way with water and insert your floating candles. These floating candles are extremely relaxing to use during a bubble bath! Your candle jars now have a new lease on life.


 Piggy Bank for Children

Teaching children the value of a dollar and money management begins while they're young! You can use old candle jars as a starter piggy bank. Sit down with your kiddo, decorate their new bank and bond, while teaching them about $$$. Create a small opening at the top of your lid that will fit coins and bills and start saving! (Or you can use your new bank as a beginner travelling fund.)

 piggy bank diy


 Spice Jars

Everyone knows, when you buy in bulk, you save money! To repurpose smaller candle jars, fill them with spices! You can use chalkboard tape to create custom, interchangeable labels.

mini candle spice jat


Candle jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes! This gives you many opportunities to think outside the box and create something extraordinary for your home.
We’d love to know which idea you love the most!

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