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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season creates a special buzz in the atmosphere. The air is crisp, the seasons are changing, and the anticipation is building. You’re scouring the internet for affordable flights, hotel accommodations (possibly for your not-so-friendly mother in law), the best recipes, gifts, and festive decor; all with hopes to create the perfect holiday ambience. However, nothing truly says “Welcome to my home” like entering a home with lit candles and a scent that makes you feel invited. 

Here are 5 ways to use candles to “WOW” your guests this holiday season!  

Window Candles with Decorative Trimming 

Display your creative skills to outsiders and get your guests into a true holiday spirit. Setting the tone doesn’t simply begin when guests enter your home. Window candles craft a full sensory experience, starting from the outside, in. Compliment your candles with window decals, tree trimmings, pinecones or even select holiday floral arrangements. Candles create warmth and an ambient atmosphere to each home. What’s cozier than watching a candle flicker on a windowsill?

 Dinner Table Center Piece

Don’t leave your table settings without a centrepiece this year. The dinner table is a symbol of togetherness and family. Adding a simple candle centrepiece is a great way to keep your guests comfortable between courses and after dining. Since everyone can capture moments with a smartphone, a candle centrepiece adds an elevated visual aesthetic for photo-ops at the table. And the table size is the least of your worries! You have absolute creative control of how intricate or minimal your centrepiece can be. Placing a few candles together wrapped with holiday fabric is a no-hassle centrepiece while achieving your desired look!

 Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace is where groups often wind down after dinner with good conversation and laughter. Ignited flames and the crackling sound of burning firewood awakens a special feeling for most. With burning candles along the top of your fireplace mantel, the scent will journey throughout your home. You can also opt for leaving the candles unlit and intricately place tree trimmings for textural diversity.

Candle Tabletop Tray

Swap your table books for an intricate candle tabletop tray. The versatility of a tabletop tray is its flexibility to be used year-round. To be holiday-specific, add your favourite holiday sweets, pinecones, figurines, and even faux snow. If small children will be present, you can leave the candles unlit and provide colouring activities or games within the box to keep the little ones busy! After the holidays, you can light your candles, kick your feet up and pat yourself on the back for being the host of the year.


Wax Warmer Bathroom

The bathroom can be the least festive and most neglected part of your home during the busiest time of the year. However, everyone needs to use it – at least once! Adding a simple wax melt will neutralize odours and keep a fresh scent ribboning your bathroom. To continue your holiday theme, you can choose a holiday scented wax melt or holiday figurine wax burner! (Frosty the snowman anyone?) Wax melts are a safe, easy way to carry beautiful scents throughout any room.

 snowman wax meltcinnamon wax melt


When it comes to decor, the devil is in the detail. Explore your creativity and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. The options are boundless! Remember it’s all in the name of celebration and togetherness.




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